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Boating Accidents

Sarasota Boating Accident Attorneys

Boating accidents, much like car crashes, come in many varieties: boats crash into docks and other boats, for example. Boating accidents may involve other types of vessels or vehicles, such as personal watercraft and kayaks. Tour boats, tugboats, and ferries may be involved in major accidents that injure multiple people. There have been cases of passengers falling overboard, collisions with swimmers or skiers, and even boats tipping over because of load imbalances. Motorized boats traveling at high speeds are naturally prone to crashes, but slow-going vessels like canoes may also cause accidents leading to injuries and even deaths.

Whatever the circumstances, quality legal counsel may be just as critical to your recovery as medical attention is. An experienced personal injury lawyer can protect your rights, get an investigation started right away, and deal with the insurance company on your behalf. If you or your loved one was hurt while boating or hurt by a boat in or near Sarasota, Greg Linehan Law offers a free initial consultation.

Put Your Trust in Us: How We Can Help You

While your boating accident was a sudden and unexpected event in your life, our firm has been preparing for years to guide you through the challenges you will likely face. As a local Sarasota law firm, we are proud to help our neighbors and even visitors to our area recover compensation after suffering injuries. We represent clients that were injured in this area but live elsewhere. We also represent clients that live here and were injured someplace else. Our law practice serves a wide spectrum of people who need our advice and expertise. Greg Linehan Law has the skills and persistence that you need at a difficult time. If we represent you after an accidental injury involving a boat or boating-related activities, we will investigate all aspects of your case meticulously.

What We Will Review

  • Your injuries: We may interview you, take photos, review doctors’ reports, and consult with experts, such as life care planners, who help people with catastrophic injuries.
  • Your losses and needs: We want to understand in detail what it will take to “make you whole” as fully as possible. We will then work to translate this information into a dollar amount to demand from negligent or responsible parties.
  • The accident: We may interview witnesses, view surveillance video evidence, bring in experts such as boat mechanics, and review police reports.
  • Legal matters: We will evaluate your case in light of statutes, case law (court precedents), and other angles that may prove pivotal in negotiations, in mediation, or at trial.

Well-armed with a detailed understanding of what happened and how it happened, we will prepare compelling arguments supporting your claim or lawsuit seeking damages from one or more negligent parties or responsible entities like insurance companies. We will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of the results you need to make the best recovery after a boating accident.

Boating accident

Our Sarasota Attorneys are Ready to Help with Your Boating Accident Case

Once you decide to work with our personal injury lawyers in pursuit of compensation for your boating accident, we will make your case a top priority. We pledge to keep you posted often, respond to your questions promptly and thoughtfully, and otherwise give our best efforts to advocating for you. To schedule a free consultation, call 941-559-GLAW (4529) or complete our online intake form using the button below for a prompt response.