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Delivering the Outcome You Deserve

All successful outcomes at Greg Linehan Law come about through a concerted team effort. When our firm helps you with your injury claim or lawsuit, you can count on our entire team to join forces vigorously on your behalf. Our team will work together to deliver the outcome you deserve.

With more than 26 years of experience practicing law, Greg Linehan is prepared to get your case underway immediately. You will have the same attorney and legal assistant throughout the entirety of your case. When you become a client of Greg Linehan Law, you will have direct contact with your attorney and legal assistant, as the team works together to take the stress off of you and your loved ones.

Greg Linehan reviewing documents in a conference room

Each new case renews our commitment to:

  • Hold accountable those whose negligence harms others
  • Bring relief to the injured
  • Help injured people to be restored to wholeness as fully as possible
  • Overcome attempted denials and delays by negligent parties and their insurers
  • Enable injured people to move on toward healing after suffering injuries or the loss of loved ones

Our Experience Deserves Your Trust

Over the decades, Greg Linehan has established many long-lasting relationships with clients and their families, who in turn, refer others to us in times of need. The multiple areas of practice that we offer allow our firm to deliver personalized and integrated legal services that often involve complementary or overlapping areas of law.

For example, we may bring a wrongful death claim while simultaneously guiding a family through the process of setting up an Estate. We may help an injured worker secure support through a workers’ compensation appeal, a third-party liability personal injury case and Social Security Disability benefits at the same time. We take each individual’s ‘big picture’ and work through their case from the ground up to maximize their recovery.


Compassionate, Skilled Advocates Ready for You

Whether you were injured in a car accident, suffered a slip-and-fall accident, suffered an injury on the job, or were seriously hurt through other circumstances, please know that our staff is here to assist you. From our law offices in Sarasota, our staff is committed to helping injured people rebuild their lives through effective legal remedies. Our main goal is always to help injured parties to obtain their rightful compensation from negligent motorists, property owners, and insurers.


Let’s Talk About Your Road to a Full Recovery

What brought you here today? Our team is ready to discuss your issues, evaluate your claim, and recommend how to maximize your recovery. To schedule a consultation, contact us using the button below, or call 941-559-GLAW (4529).

Why You Should Put Your Trust in Greg Linehan Law

Based in Sarasota, Florida, the personal injury law firm of Greg Linehan Law works to recover the most money possible in all cases involving wrongful death, worker’s compensation, and injuries sustained in auto and motorcycle accidents. We make a commitment to personalized service, leveraging years of legal experience to the benefit of each client.


Among the other firms, there are some that are best known for TV ads that indicate that the size of the firm matters, but this is not the truth.  Conventional personal injury wisdom says that insurance companies only offer top-level settlements when they worry about a law firm’s trial record.  According to some, if the insurance company thinks you will always take the last offer, they will never offer what the case is truly worth. Furthermore, going years without a trial would have to mean that the insurance industry paid you fairly in every single case, which is not possible. Insurance companies are not in business to be fair and we are not in the business of accepting settlements to avoid going to trial.

Greg Linehan has 26 years of expertise and practice in personal injury law. Greg has earned a tough reputation with insurance companies because of his willingness to take a case to trial and receive a successful verdict. What does that mean for you and your case? The potential for larger recoveries because insurance companies know that Greg Linehan Law will take your case to trial!

If you or someone you know has been injured in an auto or motorcycle accident, at work, or has a dispute with an insurance company or Social Security for denied claims, please consider trusting our competent and experienced team.