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Pedestrian Accidents

Sarasota Pedestrian Accident Lawyers You Can Trust

Pedestrian vs Vehicle accidents stand out from other traffic accidents for a number of reasons:
  • A human body is no match for a car, truck, or motorcycle in motion. The person struck has no vehicle body surrounding him or her and no protective devices such as seat belts. A pedestrian with a helmet is a rarity. Head injuries and other serious injuries are common.
  • Sometimes, pedestrian accidents are truly accidents. This can be the case when motorists could not see the person or tried unsuccessfully to avoid striking him or her. In other cases, a it’s clearly the result of gross negligence by a driver.
  • Hit-and-run pedestrian accidents are common. Even if the vehicle or driver is never identified, there may be other available sources of compensation, such as the pedestrian’s own uninsured motorist coverage (or that of a close family member living in the same residence).
  • Every accident is unique. Variables such as crosswalks, crossing signals, and the injured pedestrian’s age may have an impact on a case.

No Pedestrian Accident Case is Too Large, Small or Complicated


Make a Statement and Influence Change

Did you know that our area of Florida has some of the nation’s worst statistics pertaining to pedestrian accidents? Do you hope to make a statement about the hazards at the location where your pedestrian accident happened? Our personal injury attorney will gladly collaborate with you in that effort. First, our firm will hold negligent parties responsible to compensate you. We can also advise you on how to bring complaints forward.

With your injuries, you may be in a powerful position to illustrate to authorities what can happen when an intersection is dangerous or when traffic flow was not properly regulated. Maybe changes should be made in the area where you or your loved one was injured while on foot in our city or elsewhere.

For now, however, we consider it our job to help you get the resources you need to cover:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation and therapy
  • Lost wage replacement
  • Pain and suffering

This Should Not Have Happened to You!

We are a local Sarasota law firm, strongly committed to making our community a better place. We want our city to be safer, and we want those injured in a pedestrian accident to be fairly compensated. With 26 years of experience, our pedestrian accident attorney is ready to fight for your right to compensation for your losses. Even if your case presents difficulties, our office is prepared to persevere for the sake of your recovery.

We are always willing to evaluate potential pedestrian accident cases and give preliminary advice in a free initial consultation. We can travel to your home or hospital if you are unable to come to our law offices. Once you decide to work with our firm, you can count on clear communication with the attorney. The rest of our firm is also here to help you. We operate as a team in support of our clients’ successful case outcomes.

Pedestrian Accidents at Greg Linehan Law, Personal Injury Attorneys

Allow Us to Earn Your Trust and Get a Recovery for You

We are confident that we can earn your trust through how hard we work on your case. We also intend to earn your trust with the recovery we achieve for you. Most of all, we want to earn your trust through the strength of our compassion. We feel sure that you will see for yourself how determinedly we translate caring into action through our law practice.
It is our job to lighten your load as you do the hard work of recovering from your injuries or the loss of a loved one to wrongful death. You can play your part, too, first by contacting our attorney as soon after a pedestrian accident as you can. To discuss your pedestrian accident with members of our talented team, call 941-559-GLAW (4529) or send an email inquiry below.