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Trucking Accidents

Experienced Sarasota Truck Accident Lawyers

If you are injured in a truck accident in Sarasota, the trucking accident injury attorney at Greg Linehan Law can help you receive the compensation that you deserve. While large trucks are vital to many American industries, their enormous size poses a danger on Florida roads and interstates. When an accident occurs involving a semi-truck, it can lead to catastrophic injuries and sometimes death. Hiring an experienced truck accident attorney soon after an accident will greatly improve your chances of receiving fair compensation for your damages and losses. The knowledgeable tractor-trailer attorney at Greg Linehan Law will provide you with personalized attention from the minute that you meet with us through the conclusion of your case.

Most serious injury and wrongful death lawsuits involving commercial trucks are investigated at the scene of the accident by law enforcement and by the insurance company for the truck driver and trucking company. After a trucking accident, photographs are taken and the scene is investigated for important evidence such as skid marks and vehicle parts. If witnesses are available to attest to what caused the crash, that information is also collected. Sometimes, there is a dashcam video or surveillance video that is available to show how the accident occurred.

Accident Reconstruction

Accident reconstruction is a reenactment of the accident that is put together by expert witnesses. An expert in accident reconstruction will use evidence and information that is collected at the scene of the crash to create a presentation for the judge or jury. This information may include computer-aided reenactments and witness accounts. Often, accident reconstruction experts working for insurance companies will opine that the truck driver or trucking company was not at fault for the accident, even where a driver was ticketed for bad driving.

Hiring an experienced Sarasota truck accident lawyer soon after a crash will give victims a better chance of fighting insurance companies seeking to shift blame. The truck accident attorneys at Greg Linehan Law maintain a network of experts who are knowledgeable about the commercial trucking industry, load limitations, hauling regulations, and accident reconstruction. Our resources are invaluable when it comes to defeating the insurance companies’ blame-shifting tactics.

Experience Matters

An experienced truck accident attorney in Sarasota will be well-versed in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations which govern the commercial trucking industry. The truck accident lawyers at Greg Linehan Law have spent countless hours researching both the federal and Florida rules and regulations controlling interstate and intrastate commercial trucking. Our Sarasota attorneys know that many trucks have GPS devices or “trip master” computers on board that record important information such as hours of operation, braking, and speed that can provide important evidence in a trucking accident case.

Factors such as the condition of the tractor-trailer, including brakes, load weights, and non-compliance with other safety regulations are very important in establishing negligence in truck accidents. Investigation of trucking accidents should be done by a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer who is well-versed in the regulations governing trucks and their drivers, and who has experience in the reconstruction of these types of accidents.

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